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Adaptation - Part 1. By Jeremy Tyrrell

Adaptation - Part 1.
By Jeremy Tyrrell

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Book Synopsis

Ottavio, an experimentally modified Agent, discovers his employers, the giant Houston Corp, are anything but the benevolent Entity they claim to be. His bid for freedom throws him into the hands of the Vigils and into a world he never knew existed.

Ryan, an Acolyte of the Vigils, seeks to free himself from the archaic shackles that the brotherhood imposes and commits an act of terrorism for Father Abraham, a relic that leads the nefarious Directors.

Both seek freedom. Both will face what it means to be human.

This is the full first book of the Adaptation Series.


At a stage early on in its existence, Man decided he would be different from the rest of the animal kingdom. He was made of the same stuff, for sure, but his animalistic motivations would be forced to contend with new powers of logic, emotion an...
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