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Atlas, Broken. By Jeremy Tyrrell

Atlas, Broken
By Jeremy Tyrrell

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Book Synopsis

Walk a mile in Henry's shoes, a middle-aged office worker who has borne the weight of his world for too long.

This Kafkaesque tale tells of the struggle of a man against his demons. While there is no happy ending for Henry, perhaps there is a someone you know who could use some help.


“Damn you, Henry,” Loretta whispered as her slumber was rudely disturbed, “Damn you!”

It is said that the most annoying noise in the world is an alarm clock. This is true, and was true for Loretta, and it was especially true for Henry.

As his eyes shot open and blinked wearily, searching for the snooze button, he discovered that there was a noise more annoying than the buzzing of the infernal device, and that noise was the buzzing of his wife's voice.

“Henry!” she hissed, rolling over, “H...
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