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The Moghul by Thomas Hoover

The Moghul
By Thomas Hoover

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Book Synopsis

Reviewers called it the best novel on India since Kipling. An immediate European bestseller, optioned by Indian/German producers who commissioned a six-hour mini-series, then Canadian producers with the BBC.

Based on real people (ca. 1620) - an English "sea dog" shoots his way through Portuguese galleons and into an Indian port to open trade. Once on land, there're tiger hunts, war elephants, sensual music, drugs, and sacred lovemaking.


He watched from the quarterdeck as the chain fed through the whitecaps of the bay, its staccato clatter muffled, hollow in the midday heat. Then he sensed the anchor grab and felt an uneasy tremor pass along the hull as the links snapped taut against the tide. The cannon were already run in and cooling, but vagrant threads of smoke still traced skyward through the scuttles and open hatch, curling rin...
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