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Life Blood by Thomas Hoover

Life Blood
By Thomas Hoover

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Morgan James, a New York film maker, is about to journey straight into the heart of a dark conspiracy, hidden deep in the mist-shrouded Mayan rain forests of Central America, where a bizarre human experiment (including a baby factory) extracts a terrible price.


New York, New York. A blissful spring morning beckoned, cloudless and blue and pure. I was driving my high-mileage Toyota down Seventh Avenue, headed for the location shoot that was supposed to wind up principal photography for my first feature film, Baby Love. It was about the pain and joy of adoption. I guess directing your first feature is something like giving birth to your first child, but that gets us way, way ahead of the story.

My name, by the way, is Morgan Smyth James, after two grandmothers, and I'm thirty-eight and single and strive to be eternally optimistic...
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