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Preston Diamond: Conception by C. C. Phillips

Preston Diamond: Conception
By C. C. Phillips

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Book Synopsis

At the raw age of thirteen, Preston Diamond is ripped from the security of childhood and fighting for his life. In one black night his world is shattered forever.

He isn't a kid anymore. He is a hunter.

The last of the Diamond line is on the trail of the treasonous killers who brutally murdered his parents, Constantina and Colonel Cutler Diamond. The traitors are also hunting, for Preston's death is crucial to their survival. There is only one person he can confide in but, in the midst of a bloody civil war, how does a young lad find audience with Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant?


Life's blood dripped steadily from the dozen cuts and gashes on Cutler Diamond's body.  The wounds varied from superficial to near fatal; if not soon attended, they would inevitably lead to death. Already the handsome face had...
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