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The Anthroposophic Art of Ernesto Genoni. By John Paull

The Anthroposophic Art of Ernesto Genoni
By John Paull

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The Italian artist, Ernesto Genoni (1885-1975), trained for five years in classical art at the prestigious Brera Academy of Fine Art in Milan (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera). He spent the year 1924 at Dornach, Switzerland, the headquarters of Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy movement, where he experimented with painting "in the anthroposophic way" under the tutelage of Rudolf Steiner. Most of the works presented here were recently revealed stored in a folder in a private collection. Two of the mages are from two other private collections and are included here because, by size, content, and style, they appear to be part of Ernesto's suite of Anthroposophic paintings of 1924.

In 1926, Ernesto migrated to Australia with the intention of exhibiting his art - most probably his classical style oil paintings - but he was thwarted in this plan by the prevaili...
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