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Journal of Organics: Volume One, Number 1 Edited by John Paull

Journal of Organics: Volume One, Number 1
By Edited by John Paull

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Book Synopsis

The Journal of Organics (JO) publishes original research papers on all aspects of organics. This issue includes an editorial on how to get your research published, and original papers on consumer choice, agronomic and production issues, and the historical diffusion of biodynamics and organics.

The Journal is a free, open access, peer reviewed, academic journal publishing research from around the globe, covering a wide variety of subjects including organic food, organic agriculture, organic forestry, organic floristry, and current food issues including GMOs, nanotechnology, urban agriculture, slow food, obesity, other food challenges, and, more broadly, issues that pertain to organic solutions and clean green solutions.

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Consumer choice in context: Developing further understanding of organic buyer's switching behaviour.
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