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Book of new Poetry Forms by Wendy Webb

Book of new Poetry Forms
By Wendy Webb

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Book Synopsis

This is the definitive collection of all the newly-devised poetry forms by Wendy Webb, Norfolk Poet.

Descriptions of each form, together with examples, to help you to write in these new poetry forms.

Updated in 2013, including rules for the Star Davidian, and Star Shine.

Short forms, like the Magi; saltire crosses (Andropian); and new variations and recreations of the sonnet (Brentor sonnet, Palindromedary sonnet).


DAVIDIAN, New verse form 2002.

Devised by Wendy Webb 

This new poetry form has been developed from the Jewish-Christian tradition.  In the Bible the number FORTY has great significance, meaning a very long time; also, the number SEVEN, meaning perfection.  The Bible also speaks of a Year of Jubilee, fifty years.  The Davidian Poem is launched in the Go...
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