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Seven Plays by Charles Deemer

Seven Plays
By Charles Deemer

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Book Synopsis

Plays by award-winning playwright Charles Deemer, including "Christmas at the Juniper Tavern" (ACE award, public television) and "Famililly" (Winner, Crossing Borders International New Play Competition).


Christmas at the Juniper Tavern

A play in two acts
First performed at the Wilson Center for the Performing Arts in Portland, Oregon, on January 5, 1984. Directed by Steve Smith.
Produced for public television, winner of ACE award. 

THE CAST (4M, 5W):

Stella, owner of the Juniper Tavern, a no-nonsense woman.

Frank, an unemployed mill worker, a Korean vet, a little lost.

Rex, an unemployed log truck driver, imaginative, a little crazy.

Margie, his wife, not too smart.

Sheriff Billy of Juniper County, more heart than brain.

Ann, a y...
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