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Baumholder 1961
By Charles Deemer

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Book Synopsis

2 GIs in the Army Security Agency, stationed in the Sin City of Europe, face a personal crisis on the night the Berlin Wall goes up.


Sgt. Malinowski took several steps into the Enlisted Men’s Club and stopped. He had never seen the linguists of Processing Company this drunk, this loud or this disorderly. Everyone was yelling at once, small groups trying to make their conversations heard over their loud neighbors. Someone stood on a table, his pants dropped, mooning the universe (the sergeant didn’t recognize the buttocks) while other linguists clapped and yelled catcalls.  My God, thought Malinowski. May their mothers never learn about this, or recruiting into this man’s Army would crash to a standstill. What mother would send her son to a school of drunken debauchery?

The E. M. Club was located in a Quonset hut no larger t...
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