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Ben Zero (4) Terminus by Peter Berridge

Ben Zero (4) Terminus
By Peter Berridge

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Book Synopsis

Ben is getting deeper into the mire with every passing day. When he finally does get to E Base he faces the problem of immediate execution as a fake Prince. But there is no problem! Instead, he is greeted as the Prince! He appears to have it made and tucks into a massive, well earned breakfast! Then he is abruptly obliged to return to Earth . And he finds himself back in jail! As usual he is held by computer warder CLEO (world internet chess champion) assisted by superstar robot FIDO (military expert.) A number of adventures rapidly follow while Ben continues want to know his real identity and pine for the namers he has not acquired. His ambition to cop the lot is unquenched! But can that impossible task ever be fulfilled? And how can he get home? And where is home anyway?

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