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Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series by T.M. Nielsen

Encala: Book 3 of the Heku Series
By T.M. Nielsen

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Book Synopsis

Download Book1: Heku and Book2: Valle

Chevalier continues as Elder for the Equites Faction, while Emily finds her niche in the world of the immortal. The Encala begin a strong campaign to gain sole control of the Winchester blood, causing the Equites to strengthen their hold on Emily and Allen.

More of Emily's heritage becomes known and it threatens to alienate her from the Equites. She befriends an unusual heku, which enrages the Equites Council and again pits Emily against them.


"Damnit," Allen said, smiling.

"Want to go out today?" Emily asked, and took his hand.

She grinned at the name of Allen's horse. It had fit when he was an unbroken colt, but now as a gentle stallion, he was the perfect horse for a small boy.

She led him out to the hall...
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