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Heku: Book 1 of the Heku Series by T.M. Nielsen

Heku: Book 1 of the Heku Series
By T.M. Nielsen

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Book Synopsis

Download Book2: Valle and Book3: Encala

When a member of the heku faction, the Equites, goes to the Council with concerns for the welfare of a human, they send Chevalier to decide if further investigation is needed.

Chevalier arrives in Montana, and immediately discovers that Emily is a member of an English family that the factions have sought for hundreds of years. His desire to protect her wins out over his obligation to bring justice, and he sets out to discover what about her brings out an unheard of attraction between species.


"Ms. Russo?" he asked, looking down at the woman in the house. He had spoken to her by phone, but hadn't met her yet.

Emily looked up, trying not to gasp as she saw that the men stood almost two feet taller than her and had broad shoulders that threatened to bu...
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