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333 Miles by Craig Birk

333 Miles
By Craig Birk

Officially licensed for obooko members. Age Rating 17+

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Book Synopsis

A wildly entertaining road trip from San Diego to Las Vegas. Alex seems to be living the perfect bachelor life, but senses time is accelerating and wants to make sure he doesn't end up on a lonely road. Gary is married and secure, but wonders if his world is disappearing into sixty-hour work weeks. Mike is increasingly bitter, probably because he isn't getting any. Meanwhile, The Rodge just needs one more game to hit a big three team parlay. A fun ride and a unique look at life in America.


ON A WOODEN PARK BENCH, commanding a panoramic view spanning the blue vastness of the Pacific Ocean and the shoreline up to Torrey Pines, stood a healthy four-year-old seagull. The gull had no name. He did have a long, solid, yellow beak with a curved orange stripe toward the end. Despite his general vigor, like many of his fellow Americans, the seagull was visib...
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