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Bring the War Home! by Barry S. Willdorf

Bring the War Home!
By Barry S. Willdorf

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Book Synopsis

Two anti-war students move to Oceanside California during the Vietnam War to help organize anti-war Marines but their experiences with the soldiers change them more.


Jumpin’ Jack looked back over his shoulder one final time, just before he pulled himself up into the chopper. He tried to remember how it felt when he jumped down onto this ground on that first occasion. How the place looked to him then. And he found himself wiping back a tear when he recalled his naive enthusiasm for the mission. He squinted as he looked up into the steep, lush hills. Hills with cover that, like the VC, refused to die back despite the pounding. The napalm. The Willie Peter.  

He shuddered to think how much he had changed. But the senselessness of it all could not escape him. His tour was ending right where his conversion had begun. An LZ a couple clicks sou...
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