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Chalice - Buddha's Tooth 2 by Robert A. Webster

Chalice - Buddha's Tooth 2
By Robert A. Webster

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Book Synopsis

The world already has Bond: James Bond.

Jones: Indiana

Man: Super, Spider and Bat.

Now meet the next generation of super heroes as they begin their second adventure in South East Asia, once again thwarting the plans of some very dodgy characters in the face of adversity.

Enjoy the adventure as they unknowingly enter once again into a deadly chase to recover a holy relic and solve an age old mystery. All this they achieve whilst undergoing a metamorphism from being juiced, through spannered and shitfaced to totally wankered, by taking the magic potion otherwise known as beer ...

Download the prequel: Buddha's Tooth


The telephone ringing brought Detective Inspector Crinigan out of his daydream. He picked up the receiver.

“Hello Inspector Crinigan, Scotland yard&rdq...
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