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Cheap Complex Devices by John Compton Sundman

Cheap Complex Devices
By John Compton Sundman

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Book Synopsis

Computers can play chess as well as any grandmaster. They can diagnose cancer as well as any oncologist, find oil as well as any seismologist. But can they do that most human of all activities: can they tell a story? Read Cheap Complex Devices and find out.

Cheap Complex Devices is a book comprised of (A) a note by the editor, John Compton Sundman (B) an introduction to the Hofstadter Competition, written by the Committe on Computer-Written Novels of the Society for Analytical Engines, (C) the computer-written novel entitled "Bees, or The Floating-Point Error," and (D) the computer-written novel called "The Bonehead Computer Museum."


Bremser moves to Walli Diallo, a tiny landlocked country in the Sahel, the fringe of the Sahara, where Arab Africa meets Black Africa and desert gives way to savannah. Fifteen years ago, when...
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