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Corporate Sex by Loyd Fueston, Jr

Corporate Sex
By Loyd Fueston, Jr

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Book Synopsis

Corporate Sex was named Unleashed Desires when I submitted it to publishers and agents about five years ago. It is about the mating rituals and forms of reproduction that take place in the New York City financial districts.


Mary Pride was standing at the entrance of her cubicle when she caught movement out of the corner of her right eye. Looking up, she saw Jake Preskile striding towards her. He quickly drew close to her, a grim and determined expression upon that face which had always struck Mary as being so lean and hungry. His hand started to go up in a wave but he quickly dropped it in response to. . . a laugh. Mary realized she had laughed, not in a malicious manner, but in the way she’d often laughed at her father when he had stiffly crumbled to her side to work on a jigsaw puzzle or a picture to be colored.

Jake came up to within a cou...
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