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Desert Town Angels: Part One by R. A. Lee

Desert Town Angels: Part One
By R. A. Lee

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Book Synopsis

"The Last Will and Testament of Howard Thornbon"

The patriarch of Golden Peaks is dead. The fate of the desert town is in jeopardy as the residents fear Howard Thornbon's daughter will sell the dying town and displace them. But when his Last Will and Testament is read, everyone is distressed when a stranger is announced as the person chosen to carry out Howard's final wishes. Golden Peaks Property Manager Ryan Camden has to keep Howard's daughter and the stranger from destroying the town and each other.


It wouldn’t have been a funeral without someone crying. It wouldn’t have been a funeral with Sheri if she weren’t the loudest of the mourners.

As her shrieks and cries pierced the thick layer of heat of the dying day while they stood on the flat clearing carved out of the side of the hill overlooki...
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