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The Drunken Parakeet
By Justin Qwits

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Book Synopsis

Jack is a twenty-two year old party boy that can't hold down a job to save his life. He curses, he gambles, he drinks excessively and his best friend Barry is no better. He has two weeks to find a job before his father kicks him out of the house once-and-for-all and even though he's heard that before, this time he actually believes it. Will Jack land a job or will he get drunk instead?


When I was five years old I wanted to be a magician.  Then I realized that magicians were just gay men with strange hobbies so I put down the wand and I stopped feeding my rabbit.  It died a week later.  His name was Charles and I made him disappear.  Everybody liked magic before they found out how gay it was. Except Criss Angel of course.  I guess he never got that memo.  Or he did get the memo and he just chose to ignore it.  Eith...
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