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By Leon Berger

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Science vs. Religion... Darwinism vs. Creationism... Chaos Theory vs. Intelligent Design. The debate is endless and often extreme. But what if there were another option?

Evelyn Chadwick is a brilliant, complex woman, just 28 years-old. Her father was a renowned Evangelist. In rebellion, she became a quantum physicist. Then she rebelled against that, too. Now, in trying to find herself, she contructs an entirely new way of thinking - and with all the spin of the modern media machine, she becomes a global icon.


“Good morning friends and welcome to another edition of ‘Sunday with Merle Chadwick,’ brought to you by this station and our fine sponsors. Hi, I'm Merle Chadwick and for the next sixty minutes I'll be here with some special guests and our live studio congregation to help you restore, redeem and rejoice. So let...
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