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The Internal Clock by Michael Fridman

The Internal Clock
By Michael Fridman

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Book Synopsis

A subterranean dystopia about a world where one of our most basic human functions is forbidden. For generations the folk of the Tower have been oppressed by the Baron and his ilk. Now after a massacre of the Resistance, S comes out of the shadows believing she can make the difference. However she experiences that sometimes the difference between the Us and the Them is thin indeed.


Darkness projected an icy cold towards S's fingers. Not an overbearing cold -just a tingling. A tingling that was annoyingly exacerbated by a lack of visual stimuli. She'd been there long enough for the coloured spots in front of her eyes to go away. Just blackness. But that in itself was a comfort as it meant nothing had to be done yet. So S sat. And sat. 

There are many ways to alleviate boredom and frustration. S tapped her fingers against her knees. Soo...
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