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Outside Man by Marc Heberden

Outside Man
By Marc Heberden

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Book Synopsis

Farmers do not believe in luck. They do believe in fate, mostly as a function of the weather. But when it comes to their own fortunes, because of their immediate involvement with the land, they see their own efforts as being the thing most responsible for personal success or failure. It is a hardy, productive point of view, both self-reliant and efficient. But at the same time it is very causal and, in the end, uninspired. Myths and superstitions, goddesses of fertility worship, the colorings of the human imagination for thousands of years, died with the weather report and the McCormack Reaper.

Early spring, out from beyond Bozeman with four hundred dollars, a couple of fishing poles, and a suitcase stuffed with year-old workclothes, he was driving his car along the straight, flat highway stretching west from Spokane. He had driven all night, coming over the Rockies in a pel...
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