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The Rise Of Peace by Dr Hafiz Shahid

The Rise Of Peace
By Dr Hafiz Shahid Amin

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Book Synopsis

Translated from Urdu into English, the novel has been written with the backdrop of recent international events and ongoing political, economical and war-against-terror activities. The story includes themes covering politics, anti-terrorism and computer sciences with plenty of action, thrills and adventure too. The central plot encircles anti peace movements.

In order to prevent any personal criticism and to avoid personal blaming, I have put all characters and country names as dummy and fictitious in this novel. The main point the book is to destroy all anti peace forces in the world and to convert this into peaceful planet.


There are some Muslims scientists in all over the world who unite and create an organization named MFP, which means Men For Peace. They work hard and create revolutionary inventions in order to fight anti pea...
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