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Say Goodbye by Lewis Shiner

Say Goodbye
By Lewis Shiner

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Book Synopsis

"Fresh and original...Shiner sings a song of loss and striving, where hard work and a lucky break guarantee nothing...Shiner's extensive research gives an authentic feel and keeps it from becoming a soap opera or a wearisome cover version of every other rise-and-fall parable. Honest, unpretentious and heartfelt, this novel remains a haunting refrain."

Publishers Weekly


Signs and portents

“It was my first Friday night in LA,” Laurie says in her press kit for the album. “I was stuck on the Santa Ana Freeway, thinking about buffalo. A vast single herd covering the earth from one horizon to the other, the way they used to, placid, lost in their own grassy thoughts, then suddenly careering off at top speed, all of them at exactly the same time.

“So there I was, cheek to bumpe...
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