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Thoughts on the Wind by Steven and Margaret Larson

Thoughts on the Wind
By Steven and Margaret Larson

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Book Synopsis

Inside this book we have captured snapshots of our worlds, both the real and the imaginary. The writings blend humor, a bit of serious reflection, and some pure whimsical fantasy. We hope you find them entertaining, encouraging, and maybe even thought provoking.


Moon Shadows

The full moon hike would start in ten minutes. We were determined to make it. The speedometer needle climbed to 60 miles per hour. The rental car began to tremble as we closed fast on the car in front of us. Out here in the middle of nowhere, we were stuck behind a slow moving vehicle and forced to reduce our speed. The car’s trembling ceased, but minutes were slipping by. Finally, we were able to pass.

Our plight was a result of Daylight Savings Time and three time zones in three days. Somewhere along the way we had lost an hour.

The parking lot was...
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