words to raise your spirit or influence your thought

Young ones have the wildest ambition [fantastic dreams by the way], but their ambition is narrowed as they grow old. Only a few keep their ambition great as they grow old.

100 Cents. By Dickson O. Adelusi

100 Cents
By Dickson O. Adelusi

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Words have power to inspire us or do otherwise in this life. Yes, words can make or break us. 100 Cents is a book which is good for meditation. It has RSM [Read, Study and Meditate] value. There may just be two words in this book that will raise your spirit or influence your thought.


Cent 1: Thoughts are things. Living things.

Cent 2: Strong person is not always strong weapons but it is always strong mind.

Cent 3: Human mind is versatile; it works best when it is free.

Cent 4: The company you keep and the information you gather in your mind now will shape your future.

Cent 5: Your five sense organs are the tools that gathers information for your mind.

Cent 6: Change the kinds of information on your mind and watch your life change.

Cent 7: As brain is to your body so is your mind to your soul.

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