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The Story of St Swithun's Church, Purley

The Story of St Swithun's Church, Purley

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Book Synopsis

The history of an English church, with photographs.

The Story of St Swithun's, Purley was produced in collaboration with the Bourne Society for the 50th anniversary of the opening of the present church building in 1954. It details the earlier mission churches in the area and the people associate with them, moving on two fundraising in the late 1930s for a new building, its start and halt to building in WW2 and then the final build in the early 1950s. Activities and worship at the church are covered in recent decades until 2004 when the work was published.


Growth of Purley in the 20th Century

Church life in Purley was to all appearances non-existent until the growth of the village on the outskirts of London in the late19th century, when prosperous business men and their families began to build houses on the open downland, and tree-li...
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