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What was it like, not only for kings and queens, but also for ordinary folk too? How they worked, where they lived, how they dressed, how they played, what they ate.

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Free History Books: the ordinary and extraordinary.

We have a fascination with learning about the past and there are many history books to satisfy this need. History books pull together the facts of events at the time they occurred and can draw us into that time. Not only learning about the events but also providing some very interesting stories. Most of us will have studied some history at school but likely never picked up a history books since.

History books cover a huge range of topics and the theme that ties them together is that they tell factual accounts of the time they cover. We can’t know everything about the past as the further back we go there are fewer records but authors try to pull together the evidence that is available and may make some assumptions to fill in gaps. Some history books will provide discussion and opinion from the author.

The obooko collection of world history books contains some diverse topics. A popular area of study and interest reading is the kings and queens of England. obooko has books with the stories of William The Conqueror who took the throne after the famous Norman invasion in 1066 or read about King Richard I who was know as the lion-heart and learn the story of how he lived up to that name in his pursuit of glory.

A favourite King to study with countless books and other media portraying him is Henry the Eight. Well known for his six wives and his habit of executing them. He also threw the catholic church out of England and changed the course of history. Maybe not the friendliest of kings but it makes a good read!

Another fascinating monarch to read about is Queen Elizabeth the First. She was the daughter of Henry the Eighth and ruled for 44 years during an interesting period of history. She is well known for being on the throne when England defeated the Spanish Armada. It was also a period where English drama and playwrights flourished with now famous works of Shakespeare amongst others.

Moving away from the old monarchs of England, a popular topic of world history books is the story of war. Sometimes stories are directly about the military battles but other times we get the history of people and their personal stories of survival with the backdrop of war. On obooko, Shattered Crystals tells the tale of a Jewish family escaping Nazi Germany and, despite the massive odds against them, surviving the war.

Whatever your interest in history there is something for you. Even if you haven’t read a world history text book since school, you will find many interesting stories based on real facts. Downloading free history books is a way to get started by investing just a little bit of time. Start exploring the past at obooko today.