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Battle of the River Plate by Pat Fogwill

Battle of the River Plate
By Pat Fogwill

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Book Synopsis

A Compilation of documents and photos with details of the famous ww2 navel sea engagement, Battle of the River Plate, December 1939.


The official Dispatch Summary Extract from lectures presented by SIR EUGEN MILLINGTON DRAKE, K.C.M.G. Based upon the Official Dispatch: dated December 30th, 1939, by the late ADMIRAL SIR HENRY HARWOOD, K.C.B. PART 1 - THE 'GRAF SPEE'S' RAIDER CRUISE - (Aug. 21st—Dec. 12th, 1939)

1.1    'GRAF SPEE' starts from WILHELMSHAVEN a fortnight before the outbreak of war and on Sept. 1st, just north of the EQUATOR, meets her supply ship, the oil tanker 'ALTMARK'. She receives orders to begin operations only on Sept. 26th and on Sept. 30th, off PERN AMBUCO, sinks the first British merchantman, 'CLEMENT'.

1.2    Four more British merchan...
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