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Banjo Notes by Will Lankstead

Banjo Notes
By Will Lankstead

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Book Synopsis

A comprehensive guide to playing the 5 string banjo in Folk music and Bluegrass styles. It contains all the hints and tips about buying new or secondhand, tuning, left hand techniques, right hand picking, chords, tablature, accessories of capos, cases, stands, strings, straps. Famous banjo players and their styles, songbooks and banjokes.


The 5 string banjo is mainly an instrument used in Bluegrass music. It can ofcourse be used in folk, and sometimes even in Pop music.

The best style of music to listen to in order to learn the 5 string banjo is ofcourse Bluegrass. Bluegrass music without the predominant driving rolls created by the 5 string banjo generally sounds empty and lacking drive and energy. It can ofcourse, still be played using instruments such as the Mandolin, acoustic guitar, fiddle and string bass but, but you will feel there is some...
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