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Buried by Tom Baker

By Tom Baker

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Book Synopsis

A novel of macabre horror, Buried is a supernatural thriller and psychological suspense shocker based on a real-life case! A mad doctor, a zombie from beyond, a plunge into the netherworld of madness! Come with us, and explore a world of mystery and fear that rivals that of any created by Edgar Allen Poe.


Pa was sore as hell at him, and he didn’t know what he could do about it. He huddled in a corner of his room, not liking the smell one bit, but knowing that the stench would soon clear out, and that life inside the old farmhouse would, eventually, come back to normal within a few days. Until then, he didn’t know how long it was until he was going to be able to sit down again.  
It was beyond his ability to act any differently; hell, he had loved that little dog with all his heart and soul, and he couldn’t bear the thought of...
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