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Cruel World by John R Morgan

Cruel World
By John R Morgan

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Book Synopsis

Maddy has met the Devil on a plane. Is it the End of the World, or is something still more sinister taking place? Either way, the wolves are approaching, and Maddy has to run... (Contains Mature themes)

John R. Morgan won the 2005 annual NaNoWriMo competion with the novel Cruel World. His prize was a certificate, which he had to print out himself, and write his own name on. It was the pinnacle of his career, which spans ghost tour guide, composer of children’s musicals, and, most terrible of all, computer programmer.

He lives in York, England, with his fabulous wife, and gorgeous two children.


She is suspended several thousand feet in space, and she is terrified.

Maddy clutches at the cobalt blue armrest next to the plane window, digging her nails deep into the fabric, trying not to let out a squeal, trying not to give o...
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