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Playtime by John R Morgan

By John R Morgan

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Book Synopsis

During Graham's first day at school he discovers his fellow pupils are a back-stabbing rabble and the teachers are drunken lechers. What's more, the school buildings are a gothic horror, and the head teacher is a psychotic murderer, who is about to strike again.

This is a day Graham is not going to forget in a hurry!


It starts as it finishes, with the cane.

A streak of malevolence runs down its three and half foot of indeterminate wood, ending in the hideous curve of the crook like a wolf's tooth. The main shaft has struck so many schoolboys over its twenty-year life that the end has split into a spaghetti of fibres, each point eager to splinter and dig into young skin. The dents in its body have gained a musty red colour, mottling the dust grey of the stick.

The cane lies peacefully on a d...
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