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Darlings Of Decay by various female authors

Darlings Of Decay
By Various female authors

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This is certainly not your typical horror anthology book: it will scare your pants off!

This free ebook is a unique collection of terrifying zombie horror stories written by thirty two of your favourite female writers! If you enjoy quality zombie lit you are going to be thrilled as you are taken on a wild, horrifying ride that will leave you utterly breathless

Come and delight in the skilfully crafted words, woven by the women who love to entertain and thrill you with their own, distinct versions of the zombie apocalypse.

Excerpt from Just Another Day, by Chantal Boudreau:

There was a crash from down below, somewhere in the basement. Margot rolled her eyes and moaned. It sounded like something had broken, but she would not be able to investigate. No one in their right mind would go down there without a suit of armour and a flame...
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