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Demons by Shaun Whittington

By Shaun Whittington

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Book Synopsis

After spending years away from home, Tristan Thomas is persuaded to return by his sister, Bobby. Tristan has ghosts that need exorcised and now it's time for the damaged 31 year old to try and deal with them. He picks a strategy that will end in bloody results, but could transform his life for the better, and bring serenity to his tortured soul. This chilling, yet, moving thriller, deals with a sensitive subject that highlights how people are affected in different ways. Packed with mental torture, an unusual developing love story, mixed with vengeance, Demons is an emotional and violent story.


The stench in the bedroom was so foul, she almost passed out before she even opened the door. When she got to the top of the landing and walked in, the tang tortured her nose with a jumble of unpleasant odours she didn't recognise.

Her dazed body wa...
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