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The Third Anniversary by Shaun Whittington

The Third Anniversary
By Shaun Whittington

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Book Synopsis

This horrific, yet emotional story, tells us about a tortured soul. Everywhere is a reminder and there's no escape for, Billy Jones.

It's been nearly three years since the school killings, and Billy Jones is still haunted by what happened.


Wherever he went, whatever he did, he was constantly surrounded by the reminder of death. No matter what drug he took or how much alcohol he consumed, Billy Jones couldn't escape the mental prison that had been passed onto him nearly three years ago. His tortured mind had beaten him and had forced him to lose his job, become a slave to anti-depressants and dependent on the state to keep him secure.

He awoke at nine o'clock almost, and crawled his way out of bed of his one bedroom apartment. Wearing nothing but a pair of socks, he yawned loudly as he approached his living room and plonk...
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