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Devil of a Ghost Tour by Coral and Matt Russell

Devil of a Ghost Tour
By Coral and Matt Russell

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Book Synopsis

A loving couple decide to take a local ghost tour in downtown El Paso, only to find the devil and his minions waiting for them...



His black robe billowed out around him showing traces of red satin lining. In one hand, he held a wand made from hazel wood, polished and consecrated in blood, in the other hand, a ceremonial knife. Both were engraved with the symbols of his faith.

He started making a ceremonial circle on the dirt floor around him to contain the demon he was about to summon, “I invoke and conjure Thee...” While speaking the incantation he carved the large outer circle and then an inner circle filling the space between the two with ceremonial writing. He continued his incantation, “Sadai, do thou forthwith appear and shew thyself unto me...” he drew three obtuse triangles and cont...
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