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Shirtwaist Ghosts by Coral and Matt Russell

Shirtwaist Ghosts
By Coral and Matt Russell

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Book Synopsis

Hector and Marcos are called in to investigate a haunted building downtown. A tragic event is the key to solving the haunting, but will they learn the truth to set the ghosts free?


Allen laid on the bed, arms and legs splayed out, the sheets a crumpled mess around him, trying to will himself into oblivion. The refrain from a song playing in his head, 'Make the world go away ...'

His life was pretty much over, like the other estimated 8 million recently unemployed workers in America. The bank he worked for failed and caused the ripple of fear in the financial markets that more banks would soon topple, in his mind, he shared some responsibility.

The housing bubble popped like a an overfilled balloon.  It started with interest-only loans made to homeowners through their local bank. The banks sold these loans to free up money t...
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