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A Collection of Ghost Stories - Vol. 1 by Neil Wesson

A Collection of Ghost Stories - Vol. 1
By Neil Wesson

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Book Synopsis

Excerpt:   Over the last two centuries countless ghost stories have been told on a dark cold winters evening, many of these have had a railway station as their location. This little tale is no different to them except in one detail, this story is a true tale. How do I know?

As someone once said ‘Because I was there’. The rambler who seeks sanctuary from the freezing fog was myself.

I myself am now eighty three years old and I had to put this story down on paper before I die.

What follows are the events (as I remember them) that happened on a cold winter’s night in February 1963.

The line now stood abandoned, Lord Beachems axe had fallen some fifteen years since. Where the majestic old steam engines once ran up and down the branch line linking Hull to Hornsea only a footpath and cycle track now remain. The occasional h...
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