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The Haunted Way by Neil Wesson

The Haunted Way
By Neil Wesson

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Book Synopsis

When Lee, Maddie and Sarah meet in the pub to plan this years charity walk; none of them could possibly know that the route they picked would cause a series of strange events and encounters to take place.

Passing through many villages while on the way, Maddie recounts supernatural tales in regard to each location, none of the party though could be aware that they themselves were becoming part of a bigger tale...

At the end of the first days walking all three experience a strange encounter, is it heat and Maddies stories dwelling on their minds, or something much more sinister..?

This book is much more then a novel, the walk actually exists and can be followed by the use of the maps included within the book (in conjunction with O/S Explorer Map 263).


“Map?” Alistair asked as Maddie closed the door of the large, whit...
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