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Krillaz By Morris Kenyon

By Morris Kenyon

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Book Synopsis

Only somebody looking for serious trouble would want to visit Hancox 1 - a stormy, tide-locked world infested by biological terror weapons - Krillaz.

What are Krillaz? - a nightmare genetically modified cross between rats and people. Even hunters avoid the place. However, interplanetary recovery agent Vic Vargo has one million reasons to go. If he rescues a playboy from the talons of the Krillaz, he is in line to collect a million Hydrans. Seizing the bait, he teams up with a group of executives on a management bonding exercise and they head out to a ruined city.

There, Vargo realizes the team have bitten off far more than they can chew. Unlike the sharp-toothed Krillaz...


You have to be plum loco to want to spend any time on Hancox 1. I'm not crazy – I scored over 86% on my aptitude evaluation back at University, which is a g...
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