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The Call for Divine Mothering by Alexandra Telluselle

The Call for Divine Mothering
By Alexandra Telluselle

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Book Synopsis

Have you ever encountered a stranger that changed the course of your life? Swedish Shaman Alexandra Telluselle brings you on her inner and outer journey to Hawaii where she found a new definition of love and her calling based on true life events and persons. In the second part of the book you will find coaching questions to enable you to unveil the magic of your own life story. Aloha!


What if God is a woman? What if we all this time have become lopsided in gender equality because our assumption about the male being the leading figure? Whether we call that force female or male, father or mother, isn’t as important as the fact we need to add some feminine nurturing to our world. Some people believe in the returning of the Christ and giving the Mayan date of year 2012 as the time. This too would require the increase of female nurturing and tender loving...
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