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Life Explained Tru. 1 by Chad Cooke

Life Explained Tru.1
By Chad Cooke

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Book Synopsis

Reaching enlightenment through Oneness.


You are God ! All things that you can see and all things that you cannot see. Anything that your mind can perceive, and all things that your mind cannot come to perceive, are God. All that is, is not, or in between, is One. Whole. Good and bad, or anything in between, is God. Before or after death, time and space, the future and the past. All this is One, all this is God. Every action is meant to be. Nothing is accidental. Everything is with purpose. Think about what you are reading, as it is coming directly from the Tru.1.

What and who is the One? It is what you would call unsurpassable truth. The One isYou, and the one is I. A person may say, "Well if I am "God" {a part of this One"}, “why are all these terrible things happening, and why am I unable to make water move like Moses?...
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