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The Little Scribe By Ronald Bateman

The Little Scribe
By Ronald Bateman

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Book Synopsis

This e-book contains Channeled Inspirational writings from Spirit, received through the Little Scribe Ron Bateman. The inspirational writings within this little book are based on different subjects and offer the reader the chance to read the knowledge and advice given by spirit and to believe that life does go on beyond the veil.


Thoughts!! Have you sometimes wondered when you have had a profound thought come from? Could it be that it is a half remembered reality that you, the Spirit you, has experienced in a previous incarnation and is now trying to impress you with this knowledge that perhaps is pertinent to a situation in your present life?!!! Our Spirit companion has a great storehouse of lived realities that are now memories that can be recalled if the situation of its mortal companion warrants it! So we, the mortal one, have a lot to thank our Spirit...
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