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Loopholes of Death - Ramasa Mojolwane

Loopholes of Death
By Ramasa Mojolwane

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Book Synopsis

Loopholes of Death is an extraordinary philosophical meditation on the meaning of existence that is light and accessible. Poetic, humorous and also hard-hitting. Ramasa Mojolwane is an original thinker who uses his ordinary South African life to shed new light on themes ranging from love and death to racism, motivational psychology and Christianity. His Buddhist practise, working-class life at PPC Lime Acres and strong traditional roots come together to provide unique insight into contemporary South African culture from a rare perspective. Bold, sensitive and unflinching, Loopholes of Death introduces a talented young writer who will leave you pondering what it all means in ways you never imagined.


This book is about the importance of introspection, retrospection and the seed of conversation. The lectures of a young man, what actualisation would sound like...
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