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Self, Stuff, & Stomach - Anonymous

Self, Stuff, & Stomach
By Anonymous

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Book Synopsis

A practical guide to living freely and victoriously as a conqueror of self, stuff, and stomach.



“Only $30 a month” sounded like a great deal at first—“only a dollar a day”—until I multiplied the monthly fee by 12. But I was stuck; I had to store my “stuff,” for I was soon to leave the United States for a one-year missionary assignment.

So I took a deep breath, wrote the check, handed it to the clerk, forced a smile, waved goodbye, and left—thinking I would be reunited with my cherished possessions 365 days/dollars later.

I thought wrong. My one-year call turned into three. For this I was happy. But as I contemplated keeping my stuff in storage for two more years, the cumulative dollar f igure quickly cured me of the notion. I simply couldn’t justif y paying over...
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