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The Sutras of Awakening by David Barrett-Murrer

The Sutras of Awakening
By David Barrett-Murrer

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Book Synopsis

The Sutras can be an inspiration for anyone, regardless of belief or religion, who is interested in their own spiritual development. The Sutras of Awakening are a series of penetrating insights concerning the spiritual path. The practical aspect to these Sutras is that they can be used as potent meditation seeds to probe the depths of yourself, your being and the world. Each Sutra contains many levels of truth. As you advance so the Sutras reveal deeper insights into spiritual awakening and the nature of manifested life.


There was a nun called Chiyono who had studied Zen for many years without reaching attainment.

Then finally it happened and she was set free. To mark this occasion she wrote the well known poem ‘No Water No Moon’.

It is common for many people, after reaching this first dynamic stage of awakening, to try to c...
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