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The Great Year And Virgin Comets By Gopakumar K.G.

The Great Year And Virgin Comets
By Gopakumar K.G.

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Book Synopsis

It was with mixed feelings of anxiety, fear, excitement, anticipation, humour and disbelief people at large faced the year 2012. There seems to be no interest left in the subject any longer. The significance of what Mayans told has totally been lost.

According to Mayans there is a cycle of 26,000 years and according to oriental astronomy the cycle is 24,000 years. Our sun either has a binary star or orbiting around another central sun.

This eBook is a journey to the ancient history of earth, the wisdom, knowledge and technologies of our forefathers and to a difficult future. Much of the information will be a challenge to preconditioned modern minds that are disconnected from the Nature and Universe. One day we will realize that we are one family, and we belong to a race called Humans, living and travelling on a cosmic mother ship the Earth.


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