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The Runes for Beginners by Sarah Seger

The Runes for Beginners
By Sarah Seger

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Book Synopsis

An introductory guide to the use of the runes for healing, meditation and divination.


My interest in the runes started when I was exploring the world of divination. I liked the idea of single symbols to portray an idea and over the years, I have learnt to use the runes more for spiritual understanding and support, rather than for divining events. This work is based on the course material I use when I teach classes on working with the runes for the first time.  

I suggest you buy a runes set for your first encounter with them. Once you are more familiar with the meaning and energy of the runes, you should consider making your own set.  


The word rune means `mystery.’ It encapsulates the mysterious and hidden power of runes. There are quite a number of runes and symbols that have been d...
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